Emerald hues and cut-grass scents of freshly brewed sencha. Healing hands and a smiling face. Sounds of the sea and the rustling of palm fronds as you lay back, relax and let your senses unwind. At Sun Aqua Spa, we set your spirit free with rituals steeped in traditional wisdom and perfected with modern wellness innovations. We’ve created a tantalising array
of boutique spa experiences using organic local ingredients that are bursting with natural goodness. Sample our soothing massages, facials and scrubs, all created to release your inner radiance and relax you to your core. Delight in sensuous experiences using Ayurvedic oils or products from the decadent Parisian brand Thémaé, which infuse treatments with the healing powers of tea. Spoil yourself with one of our five speciality packages or a signature treatment, like the luxurious Hideaway Spa Dining experience, which combines full-body treatments and delicious yet nutritious cuisine. One taste not enough? Try a multi-day package. Our pampering health and beauty rituals will nourish your body, calm your mind and make your spirit sing.



Our treatment rooms are specially designed for your blissful spa journey. Named from the local Sinhala language, each of our rooms – Subasiri, Suwaanana, Roosoba and Chavipraba – has its own personality, ranging from the exquisitely decadent to the deeply holistic. Before or after your appointment, make the most of our Wet Area: Bask in the steam room, broil in the sauna and blanch in the chill pool. We also offer a luscious Relaxation Area for you to meditate, enjoy a cup of tea or simply take advantage of the effortless island pace.



From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, we have a delicious selection of beauty treats. Cut, colour and style your hair for any occasion. Or simply add a dash of effervesce to your natural beauty with a makeup application or hands and feet care. Give in to the temptation of total relaxation.