Sun Aqua's island and its neighboring islands nurture a rich enclave of culture and time-honored traditions. Fishermen ply the ocean in wooden dhoni, same as they have for centuries, supplying the islands with fresh seafood. Women grate coconut for a breakfast of mas huni, reserving the milk for rich Maldivian curries. Nearby, farmers tend produce on an organic agricultural island, harvesting sweet potato, breadfruit and starchy cassava. We support the preservation of these long-standing traditions, and invite our guests to a taste of real local culture, breaking bread with villagers and seeing, smelling and sampling authentic life in the Maldives.



A sun-kissed sanctuary, our island is covered by a lush layer of coconut palms and scented by the sweet fragrance of frangipanis. Ringed by pristine corals and clear, turquoise waters, Sun Aqua is a haven of peace, home to bright blooms and friendly fauna, with hermit crabs, grey herons and multi-colored geckoes among our exotic inhabitants. This delicate ecology offers quiet moments with nature, the opportunity to immerse in delicious serenity. Only 145 kilometers south of capital Malé, we’re just a 35-minute seaplane ride from the international airport – a short but spectacularly scenic ride.



The Maldives is a smorgasbord of saturated color, from the saffron swirl of sunset to the bold iridescence of coral reefs. Thousands of islands sprinkled across the Laccadive Sea, we offer the tropical idyll: sugar-fine sands, turquoise tides, palms trees bending in the breeze.  The main island of Mahé hums with activity, its multi-hued skyline shimmering like a mirage. With restaurants, fish markets, museums and more, this tiny hub acts as the archipelago’s heart. Beyond it, 26 resplendent atolls stretch past the horizon, beckoning with the promise of the Maldivian dream.